This university is all about teaching you from my experience and research how to better your health eating the right foods and simply taking good care of your body the way Nature intended.

Note the information contained in these courses is based on my own experiences, uses, and research. I encourage all students to continue their own research to better understand their own body and what it needs to live a healthy life.

You get out what you put in! Put healthy choices in your body to get healthy results

- Cause and Effect World

Peace! I am the course creator, you can call me J.J.

I am a Pastry Chef graduate of Auguste Escoffier School Of Culinary Arts. Amongst my study of food and how it affects the body I have taken up courses from Herbalists like Selma of Iwillaremedy and Elizabeth Beck of Udemy Academy. I made this university to help people better educate themselves on what they consume via their mouth.